The Resource Library aims to provide a comprehensive resource centre to support, enrich and equip church members with biblical truth and to strengthen their personal faith in their walk in and with Christ.


The Library provides an overarching range of books and audio and visual resources

  • for men, women and children of every age bracket
  • for believers across diverse interests and needs
  • for believers across various stages of growth or life
  • for ponderous seekers of world views

Library membership is not confined to church members. Non-ORPC members are welcome to register as members.

Library members are also welcome to email bkliborpc@yahoo.com to suggest or share with us titles that the Library could explore buying, which could potentially benefit others in similar and related struggles, states and situations.


It is open every Sunday after services at Dunman Hall from 10.30 am to 11.00am & 7.15 pm to 7.45pm. (Note: due to current COVID restrictions, we are closed.)

We invite members to assist us by contributing reviews or excerpts. We also welcome members to share how they have benefitted from specific titles to encourage more members to utilise the resources available. Please write to bkliborpc@yahoo.com


We invite suggestions on

  • how to increase utilisation of resources?
  • how to improve the resources to better serve more members, and more areas of members’ lives through all stages?
  • how Librarians could be increasingly conversant with Library’s own resources to be able to make good suggestions to any enquiring members?

Please write to bkliborpc@yahoo.com.