In-Person Registration for Worship at Chapel for Youths and Family

This page is for youths and their families to register to attend Sunday Morning Service in the chapel. To registration for the Sunday morning service in Sanctuary/Dunman Hall, please use this page.

Registration currently not open

Please Read the following

  • This service is a Pre-Event Testing (PET) service. All who attend must be fully vacinated or except from PET or have a negative PET test done after 11 a.m. on Saturday. More information can be found here.
  • Please enter your email correctly – Your tickets will be send by email. 
  • Please contact us  if you need assistance with the registrations.​
  • Service Arrival Time: Please arrive between 8:30 and 9:15 a.m.
    The doors will only be open during these specified period. If you arrive after the specified window, you will be refused entry
  • Groups (family or otherwise – Max 2 persons): If you want to sit together as a group, please arrange to arrive at the same time. However, this is still subject to safety measures and availability of seats, so please arrive early if this is a priority for you. You cannot reserve seats for your family/friends who are arriving later

  • Cancellation: If you (or somebody in your order) are unable to attend the service you registered for, please cancel the ticket concern by replying to the email you got or by filling in this form. Please do this as soon as you realise this
  • If you are cancelling the whole order: Please ensure that the order number is present in the email/form.
  • If you are cancelling one ticket: Please ensure that the ticket number (or name of person) is in the email.
  • You did not receive the etickets: Please first check that the tickets are not in your junk/spam folder. If not, please contact us by filling in this form and we will resend the etickets.
  • Error Message: If you get this error message when you click register – Whoops!, it looks like the server return an error. Please try again, or contact the webmaster if the problem persists – Please wait a short time (1 minute or so) and try again. If there continue to be problems contact us using this form
  • Blank Registration Form:  If one of the registration forms are blank – Refresh the page to fix the problem.

  • Tickets: Your ticket will be checked at the church entrance. Please enter the church  by the Carpart Gate (if you are in zone A or B) and by the main (small) gate next to the bus stop if you are in zone C. Please ensure that you have your ticket with you – either on your phone or printed out.
  • Safe Entry: You will need to check in using Safe Entry (App/Token) – please note – group safe entry checkin are not allow. Each person will have to be check in seperately with their own app/token
  • Seating: You will be directed to your seat by the ushers – there is no free seating. You can only sit together as a group (max 2) if you come together.
  • Parking: There is no parking in the church for services.
  • Intermingling: No intermingling is allowed with people seated in other pews.