Living Rightly Through Practicing God’s Word

Living Rightly Through Practicing God’s Word

When I was in Junior High, my school had an annual school cleaning campaign day. Instead of school bags, we were asked to bring cleaning cloths. Our teacher explained the task of the day—every class is responsible for cleaning their own classrooms and we need to complete the task before the end of the day. Chairs needed to be moved to the side, floors swept and mopped, walls cleaned, fans wiped, windows washed, cupboards sorted. It felt like a daunting task and indeed it was. With our cleaning cloths, everyone got to work and at the end of the day, we were able to finish our task. Our room was cleaned and we were satisfied with the result of our work.

Now, more than ever, churches need followers of Jesus to come together in order to accomplish the task that God has given them. There is a lot of work waiting to be done and many needs waiting to be filled. For such a time like this, ORPC calls all members to commit to building our community of faith. You are essential to help grow our future by your faithfulness. How?

Be a part of the ORPC community. Building and growing is a life-long process. Our church theme this year is “Building a disciple-making community”. The task may be daunting but together we can build our church. Being in a community of faith helps followers of Christ avoid being ineffective and unproductive. Our Bible Study groups meet regularly to build relationships and encourage one another in our journey of faith. The early church also gathered together daily. They became one in purpose and heart as they fellowshipped and prayed and the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved (Acts 2:44-47). Connection to a community of believers is vital in our Christian walk.

Finish well, every day that we are given.
Finish well, for the glory of His name.
Finish strong, until the Savior finally calls us home.
Give it everything we have, finish well


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