Board of management

Board of management

Members of the Board of Management are elected to office to serve a term of 3 years. The Board is responsible for the running of the church and convenes over the finance, investment, IT and house and property matters. Each convener is supported by a sub-committee of volunteers.

The members of the Board of Management are:

  • Elder Philip Ong (Chairman)
  • Elder Dr Tang Yew Chung (Deputy Chair)
  • Elder Alimin Lie (Session Clerk)
  • Rev Dr Clive Chin (Moderator)
  • Deacon Alicia Yeo (House and Property – Convener)
  • Deacon Rita Soh (House and Property)
  • Deacon Liow Koh Chuan (IT – Convener)
  • Deacon Goh Hui Yeow (IT)
  • Deacon Andrew Tan (Investment – Convener)
  • Elder Dr Chung Lai Hong (Finance – Convener)
  • Deacon Tony Puah (Finance – Deputy Convener)
  • Deacon Debbie Seah
  • Deacon Li-Ki Khaw

The Indonesian Congregation are represented in the Board by a pastor and elder of the congregation.

The Board of Management forms part of the leadership of the church.

Leadership of ORPC – Pastoral Staff, Elders and Deacons

Front (left to right)

  • Deacon Li-Ki Khaw
  • Elder Christy Or
  • Pastor Tan Hui Ru
  • Deacon Rita Soh
  • Pastor Herna Kong
  • Deacon Debbie Seah
  • Elder Dr Chung Lai Hong
  • Deacon Alicia Yeo
  • Deacon Tony Puah

Middle (left to right)

  • Elder Dr Tang Yew Chung
  • Elder Alimin Lie
  • Pastor Ho Wei Liang
  • Rev Dr Clive Chin
  • Rev Dr Edward Goh
  • Pastor John Chew
  • Elder Albert Ngiam
  • Deacon Andrew Tan

Back (left to right)

  • Elder Lim Ee-Tuo
  • Dr Dominic Kuek
  • Deacon Goh Hui Yeow
  • Elder Paul Johnson
  • Deacon Liow Koh Chuan
  • Elder Philip Ong
  • Elder Tatang Halim